Canaway Fleming produced a proposed city masterplan design with a new Centre for Promotion of Science to be positioned in New Belgrade, intended as a centrepiece for the future urban renewal for both Science and Art in the city and constitute a centre of excellence for future scientific innovation. The design identified an intensification of science related uses linking existing cultural uses between Old and New Belgrade. Located towards the southern end of Block 39, in close proximity to the existing faculty of dramatic arts and the proposed main tram terminus, the Centre for the Promotion of Science acts as a new prominent gateway for the initial phase of the masterplan of the whole urban block.


Developed primarily within the early-mid 20th Century, New Belgrade has a fine tradition of the use of modern materials in a brutalist manner, predominately concrete and glass. Belgrade itself means ‘White City’. Continuing the material legacy of the city, and promoting the concept of Science as Art,  the proposed gateway building form consists of two primary elements designed in a contemporary idiom, one of opaque white glass, and the other exposed white concrete, each containing different exhibitions, arranged around a centralised science garden.


The entrance to the exciting new building, and indeed the proposed masterplan, is located facing the Boulevard of Art and the new tram terminus. It is easily identified by the proposed, spherical planetarium shell of thin concrete. Public spaces and the Children’s science clubs are accessed too from the Boulevard. With a total area of approximately 10,000sqm, the Centre contains public spaces and foyers, two theatres, gallery spaces with interactive exhibits, seminar and conference facilities, research areas, children’s science clubs and outreach facilities, as well as the supporting administration and back of house areas.






Centre For Promotion of Science

Belgrade, Republic of Serbia