Canaway Fleming Architects were commissioned by developers Harepath to design three family homes on the site of an old orchard off Kings Road, Richmond in the St. Matthias Conservation Area. The three houses are conceived as pavilions set within in a copse or wood, arranged informally across the site in response to the sloping topography.


The design is a sensitive and contemporary response within an urban garden environment that draws on both the history of the conservation area, an eclectic mix of architectural styles including period Victorian houses and villas, 1940s blocks of flats and 1970s houses. Each three-storey 560 sqm (6000 sqft) house is composed of two strong formal elements with a stepped plan form to define the entrance. The double height glazed link between the pavilions allows views through to trees on each side of the site reinforcing the relationship of the houses within the landscape.


The houses are composed in contemporary forms constructed in concrete, stone and timber. Careful integration of renewable technologies ensures that the properties remain serene and uncluttered.






Kings Road

Richmond, London, UK